The Prawnsiders have existed since the Whitecaps’ Swangard years, but organized formally at theĀ beginning of the inaugural MLS season in 2011. The name “Prawnsiders” comes from “prawn-sandwich brigade”, a term often used to describe soccer supporters who sit in the more expensive seats. The Prawnsiders formed because we wanted to create an equally enthusiastic supporter experience for those fans who didn’t want to be behind the nets.

The founding members are also members of the Southsiders, so a lot of our chanting is done to support their efforts. Our own chants are typically in response to the play on the field, and recently we’ve been engaging in a little call and response with the Southside. Anything is good as long as we’re supporting the Whitecaps and keeping BC Place LOUD.

Our goal is to grow our numbers from within the fans in 244 and 245. The more fans we have chanting and singing the better we can support the Whitecaps. Tifo is definitely in the works, as is having Carl Valentine serve us a half-time glass of Cabernet